Tuesday, November 11, 2014

When rip means RIP, and future projects

So you are probably thinking, "Andrea, what about that post about the Pisces dress?" We...aren't going to talk about that dress. Every piece of the dress had to be redone in some way, and it pushed me into that "Why am I doing this?" mode. But I pushed through it and finished enough of it to wear the dress. It was well received at Archon and during Halloween (hey, I won the costume contest at work with it, so I can't be too mad at it). Then I went to wash it. Now, I had already washed it before after Archon, and even though the train was dragged around a convention center, the dirt came out without any fuss. Not so the second time around. So after dousing the train with Shout, I rewashed the skirt. And because I didn't want the coloring to get off after washing the skirt in hot water, I put the polonaise back in as well. Long story short, that third wash caused the buttons on the polonaise to rip up most of the lace, so this dress will be politely shoved in a corner until I have the patience to take the entire thing apart, bound seams and all, to fix it. Until then, Pisces will be out of sight, out of mind. I have some progress pictures, but I'm still too mad at it to post them.

In other, happier sewing news, my winter coat is in the works (a bit late since it's already getting cold, but I should be done with it in the next week or two). It's made of black wool flannel, interlined with poly fleece, and lined with dark red bemberg rayon and dark red poly knit (I believe it's the Jet Set knit at Joann's, if anyone wants to know). I flatlined the lining and the fleece for the body pieces, and I have most of that sewn up. It fits well enough that I'm going to go ahead and sew up the wool pieces and finish fine tuning once I have the sleeves on. The sleeve/armhole fit always plagues me with these types of coats. I actually had a peacoat that I worked on last year, but it was scrapped for that very reason. I'm excited about this coat. I've been wanting a wool coat for years, and now I finally have one! Also in my sewing class we're slated to have a section on bra making and corset making, so I'll hopefully be focusing on that after my coat is done.

Other projects in the works...well, it depends on whether or not I can get all the supplies that I need. So I will say that I would like to make two cosplay outfits, Anthy's "Leaving Dress" from Revolutionary Girl Utena and Uriel's final outfit from Angel Sanctuary (really I just love his jacket, and I want an excuse to make it). Both will require wigs and specific footwear, and Uriel's outfit will not only require me to bind/pad to look like a guy, but makeup couldn't hurt either. Also I need to make a very specific pin for his outfit (see the first picture). So there's no guarantee that I'll make these (even though I have most of the fabric for it).

Costume Con will be coming in the vicinity of where I live (read: 5 hours away) in 2016, so I plan on going, and I want to make something impressive! Unfortunately, I don't have anything in the works as of yet, Victorian wise. I have fabric and a ball of "Ooh, pretty creative time!" that doesn't equate to anything in particular. I have Venetian Carnival fancy dress on the brain, so maybe that's where it's headed. No clue. But I want to make something for at least two of the competitions.

However, all of this will be put aside (except for my coat), for it's NaNoWriMo season! So I'll stop here and use my typing fingers to get another thousand words or two done tonight before bed.

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