Sunday, June 24, 2012

Future plans, and a new pattern!

One of my costuming friends, Mary Gode, was ever so kind enough to give me the newest Truly Victorian bodice pattern as a gift (thanks again, Mary!).  Everyone was gushing over this new bodice, and I was no different.  I had been trying to figure out a way to make a pointed vest and jacket bodice since the Rejected Dress, and both the military dress and the Sagittarius dress require vests (the latter a faux vest).  This new bodice pattern gives me a template for that, and I couldn't be happier.  So the red and black dress will now be Early Bustle instead of Natural Form.  Don't care as long as I can make something pretty out of the fabric!

Speaking of Sagittarius...yes, that's my huge project I was talking about.  I plan on making a Victorian dress for each sign of the zodiac.  Eventually.  More to come on that.

So, after I get done with my dress for my friend's wedding, I'll be working on my corset, then this dress.  I've been submerged in Natural Form and recently Late Bustle designs, so I need to switch gears for Early Bustle again.

Speaking of my modern's getting close to being done.  That is if I don't decrease the width of the hem, which I more than likely will.  The hem is huge, since it's a circle skirt.  As in, it's about 155in long.  In comparison, my bustle skirt is about 115in or so.  Because of this, and because of the longer back, I decided to pull out my bustle and put it on underneath this dress.  You would think the dress was made for bustle wear.  This has inspired me to possibly make my own polonaise in the future, since that's what it looked like.  Interesting.  A pity I don't have my camera, otherwise I would have taken a picture.

Now, I need to be good and get some work done and not go on another hunt for fashion plates...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Another hobby challenger is approaching!

The mockup for the modern dress is more or less done.  I didn't take any pictures of it because it's a pinned mess due to fitting issues at the armhole, which may just have to do with using too stiff of an interfacing for that particular fabric.  I'll also have to raise the neckline an inch or so.  It's fine if you just look at it, not so much when I bend over, and since I'll be cutting and serving the cake at the wedding, bending over is gonna happen at some point.  But other than that...the dang thing FIT, first time, no adjustments other than cutting a 12 bust and 14 waist.  I'm starting to have a tiny bit of faith in commercial patterns.  A little.

FYI, this is the fabric I'll be using, along with solid black sateen:

As a comparison, it's a complement to Kaufman's Ultra Sateen, but I think the site said it's a bit lighter weight (I couldn't tell when I felt the fabric at a local store).  Gorgeous sheen, and it's something I'd equally use for dressier modern and Victorian dresses alike.

So other than washing the fabric, I can't do much else this week.  But I'll be occupying myself with making a trial run of (part) of Vicky's wedding cake.  Did I mention I decorate cakes as a hobby too?  For almost four years now.  Well, scratch that, I used to.  My wrist probably won't hold up too much anymore for that since I hurt it from repetitive use at my previous job which, appropriately, involved a lot of decorating.  But I'll still make cakes, and this is the third wedding cake job I've done for friends, but it's the first "traditional" tiered cake (which is why I'm doing it--I need practice).  I may post some pics of previous stuff if I decide to make a cake post.

So after the dress and the cake is done...back to the corset.  I measured it, and it should work this time.  If I'm still not happy with the shape of the bustline, I can always use the bust gores from the Laughing Moon pattern.  My next corset I'll try bust and hip gores, but right now, I'd just like a corset that fits.  Ah, if only everything we tried to sew fit us like a glove every time.  Sewing would be so much more enjoyable...

And because I'm a tease...I've been working on sketches for a huge Victorian project that will more than likely span over several years, depending on inspiration, time, and funds.  It's not one dress but several.  And that's where the archery stuff in previous posts comes from.  But I've pushed that idea back to next year in lieu of another dress in the project.  It involves fish.  I'm being overly vague.  If you can figure it out from that, then that's pretty impressive.

To bed, then tomorrow I'll start the cakes!