Sunday, March 31, 2013

Fur-filled times with Leo

So I promised Mary that I would start on the hat first for my next Victorian dress.  I got the Lynn McMasters's Bustle Hat pattern in preparation for that.  Since I'm doing Version A and it's so simple, I may make two hats.  I don't know how possible it is to cover a buckram frame with fur, but if it's possible, then I'd like one to be fur for the Leo look and one to be fabric for the regular look.  I decided on fur because Leos are characterized as being high end, best that money can buy type of people.  So I think fur works better in that regard.  This will be my first venture into using fur, so this should be...interesting.  Luckily it's a simple hat and it's only a circle of fur to cover the top of it.

In addition to the hat, I've been messing around with stole and collar patterns.  Yeah, I got a pattern for the collar, just a wide shawl collar from a coat pattern.  I'm lazy, and it was $1.99.  This was after a few days of messing around with other patterns and not getting the result that I wanted, so I've earned my laziness.

In terms of current projects, my Renaissance skirt has the major seams sewn and the smock is cut out.  For some reason it was a pain to alter that pattern, especially it being such a simple garment.  And the bodice...I'm not looking forward to that.  Fitting bodices are such a pain.  But hopefully I can get most of this done before I start Leo.

So hopefully in the upcoming weeks I can get my hat wired and ready to cover (it's only two pieces, so it won't take long) and start the polonaise mockup once I get the pattern for it.  Also I might as well repair my red and black dress before I delve into this new project in May.  The red bled into the white overlay.  Should have seen that coming, but ah well.  I'll just cut off that section and make a chemisette.

Progress pictures to come and such once I finish something...

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Petticoats and paisley

It's been quiet over here...

It took me quite a while to finish up a half dozen petticoats.  I left them alone for various reasons.  Disinterest, job stuff, teaching sewing classes.  So it got put off for quite a while after I managed to get all those things ruffled up.  So now I have an Early Bustle, Late Bustle, and Natural Form pettis, plus a bustle petti from the wire bustle pattern sans boning and overlay, plus two quick and dirty "gather fabric to a waistband" pettis for general purpose and Renaissance skirts.  After I was done, I decided to put them all on.  The volume was almost like a small hoop skirt.  And it was heavy, and it chafed my waist.  I wasn't wearing a corset, which would have helped some, but something tells me that having over twenty yards of muslin hanging from your waist probably isn't going to be light as a feather.

Plans have changed again.  I'll be making a Victorian dress, of course, but it's not what I planned.  After breaking down the cost, I have concluded that the Sagittarius dress is just too expensive to make right now.  Not just the dress but the archery equipment I have to make (since the real ones aren't allowed at conventions).  So that will be put off.  Pisces as well because I want something that I can wear for Rural Heritage Day.  So I decided to use some stash fabric and start on my paisley polonaise dress, which I will now dub the Leo dress:

The gold is a tinch too dark and rich for it to work 100%, but it looks so good with it that I have to use it. The brown is pretty dull in the picture; it's a richer chocolate brown. Also doesn't quite work, but I'll use it for trim and the hat, so I'm not super concerned.  It's okay if everything isn't matchy-matchy.

I haven't decided how to make the "mane" part yet or how I'm going to do the glyph, but they will be detachable since I want to wear this as a historical dress.  And I'm not going full on costume with this, so I'm not going to be a 19th century member of Cats with claws and makeup and such.  That's not really my thing.  Think of it as fancy dress.

I still have plans to work on my first Renaissance dress (if I can get the stupid bodice to fit...) and I told myself I would try to do something practical...but of course I can't just do something normal.  So I'm hopefully going to start a mockup of a tailored suit with Vogue 8333.  That jacket in that color wool is my dream suit.  Alas, I am not worthy of such wonderful fabric yet, so I shall stick to something less extravagant.  I have this thing for suits.  Especially on men.  I don't care who the man is or whether or not you think he's attractive, put a man in a tailored suit, and he's at least 20% handsomer.  Bonus points for three piece suits.  Why don't men wear three piece suits all the time anymore?...