Sunday, February 5, 2012

In sewing no man's land again...

So, it looks like my lavender and yellow dress is on hiatus. I've been frustrated with it, and the only thing that's going to come of this is (to me) a mediocre finished project. So I'm going to finish tacking the pleats sometime in the near future so the masking tape doesn't leave a residue over time and tuck all of this away until I feel inspired to fix the problems (mostly the overskirt) and start it up again. I do like the design and the colors, so I will finish it someday. Just not right now.

So where does that leave me now? Not sure. I'm low on money right now, so buying a ton of stuff won't do. I do have a red and black Natural Form dress and winter coat planned for fall/winter activities. I'm not inspired by that dress yet except for the bodice. I have a few months yet.

One thing I do intend to make is a simple Rensaissance outfit for the faire in May, so maybe I should focus on that and get my mind off of Victorian stuff for a while. We'll see!

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