Monday, May 28, 2012

And now for something completely different...

Modern clothing!  I know how to sew modern clothing?  Oh wait, the Project Runway thing.  Yeah.  Made a suit.  Still sitting in my sewing room, unworn since I did a final fitting for everything.

But even then!  This is the first time making a modern dress.  One of my best friends, Vicky, and her boyfriend Thad are having a commitment ceremony in July, so I wanted to make a dress, now that I have the sewing skills to do so.  But since it's less than a couple of months away, I wanted to keep it relatively simple.  I'm a jeans and t-shirt type of gal, so I'm not going to wear tons of frills in loud colors for modern clothing.

I fell in love with McCall's 6504 when I first saw it in the catalog, so I decided on that one, the type the model is wearing with the longer back.  I'll be making it out of dark red and black sateen, but the exact design is still in the works.  I'll need time to do a mockup anyway, so I have some time to decide.

In Victorian sewing news...I don't remember if I said I made a mockup of the Truly Victorian corset.  I did, and it didn't work in any way,shape, or form, so I redrew the pattern today after a few week huffy sewer hiatus.  That usually happens for corset and bodice mockups, unless I'm on a deadline.  But I'll see if I can get that done too before mid July.

But for right now...I'm feeling lazy and I'm stuffed from barbeque, so I'm going to go veg.  Sewing can come later.

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