Sunday, March 31, 2013

Fur-filled times with Leo

So I promised Mary that I would start on the hat first for my next Victorian dress.  I got the Lynn McMasters's Bustle Hat pattern in preparation for that.  Since I'm doing Version A and it's so simple, I may make two hats.  I don't know how possible it is to cover a buckram frame with fur, but if it's possible, then I'd like one to be fur for the Leo look and one to be fabric for the regular look.  I decided on fur because Leos are characterized as being high end, best that money can buy type of people.  So I think fur works better in that regard.  This will be my first venture into using fur, so this should be...interesting.  Luckily it's a simple hat and it's only a circle of fur to cover the top of it.

In addition to the hat, I've been messing around with stole and collar patterns.  Yeah, I got a pattern for the collar, just a wide shawl collar from a coat pattern.  I'm lazy, and it was $1.99.  This was after a few days of messing around with other patterns and not getting the result that I wanted, so I've earned my laziness.

In terms of current projects, my Renaissance skirt has the major seams sewn and the smock is cut out.  For some reason it was a pain to alter that pattern, especially it being such a simple garment.  And the bodice...I'm not looking forward to that.  Fitting bodices are such a pain.  But hopefully I can get most of this done before I start Leo.

So hopefully in the upcoming weeks I can get my hat wired and ready to cover (it's only two pieces, so it won't take long) and start the polonaise mockup once I get the pattern for it.  Also I might as well repair my red and black dress before I delve into this new project in May.  The red bled into the white overlay.  Should have seen that coming, but ah well.  I'll just cut off that section and make a chemisette.

Progress pictures to come and such once I finish something...

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  1. I happen to know you have a selection of nice pictures now...