Monday, September 10, 2012

Corset in a week? Sure, why not!

Okay, so it's not 100% done...but if I had my boning now, It would probably have part of the binding on it.  So like the skirt, it's almost done.

Pictures first, rant second

Front and back of corset before boning channels (oter than the back) and waist tape were sewn on:

The corset front with the basted channels...

And how it looks after finishing up this evening!

I would have tried to take a picture in it...but it seems as if my chemise has mysteriously gone missing...

This is my second real corset and the first corset I've made with external boning channels.  Sewing them on is a pain, but I do like the effect.  I'd like to thank my lovely Loop Pressing Bars for all those strips.  Simple gadget but awesome.

Other than basting before sewing on the channels, I don't really have any secrets.  It's still a miracle to me to put a corset together and have it even close to being even in the back.  Out of everything that I've done, corsets are the least fun.  It's a necessary evil and the one thing that holds me back in finishing Victorian dresses because everything depends on it.  I'd totally do a quid pro quo deal with someone if they'd make my corsets for me.

Well, at least it's something almost done.  I count that as a victory.  Now to work on the bodice, and the overskirt, and the hat, and the parasol...


  1. We work so differently. I started my latest ensemble with the parasol.

    I can bust out a basic wearable TV 110 (no flossing or other surface embellishment) in a day. If you have your pattern tweaked out I'd be willing to talk corsetry/embroidery exchange...

  2. I had the corset made up, like the first two pictures, in two days. It just took the rest of the time to cut, sew, press, and sew down all those channels. Love the look, but man! The work involved!

    For my past two projects, I've started with either the petticoat or skirt, then the overskirt, since those make up fairly quickly (the base at least) and don't require fitting. Then I work on the corset, bodice, and everything else.

    Let me work on a few more corsets, and we can talk a trade. ^_^