Friday, September 14, 2012

Quick update this week

This week is the week of doing the little things I've been putting off for a while.  Like putting closures on my drawers, hemming my chemise, and sewing the strips onto the back of my overskirt.  I also spray painted my parasol frame (which was a bit of a fiasco, but it turned out okay).  So nothing really interesting this week to photograph other than my bodice mockup, which now has buttons so I can actually try it on:

Fun fact, I'm not wearing a corset under that.

So next week I'll dive into some of my bigger projects, starting with my jacket pattern.  It felt so much like fall today that I'm itching to start it.  And other than lengthening the darts, my bodice is ready to cut out once I prep my white fabric.  Let's get stuff done!


  1. Indeed let's!

    I like the look of the closely spaced buttons on your vest.

    1. Oh yeah, you have to start lighting the fire under your butt too huh? Are you just (heh just) making the two dresses for the demo or are you going to make a new dress for yourself?

      Even though I'll probably space out the buttons a little more for the vest portion since I'll be using 5/8in buttons, I think I'll keep the bodice portion with 1/2in buttons. We'll see if that looks odd. Because guess what sucks to rip out? Buttonholes!

    2. I think since it's made to look like a jacket and vest , having different button spacings makes sense. If you really were wearing two garments they'd likely not have the same button spacing.

      I actually have three dresses to make, there's also a suffragette in the schedule. No new dress for me, but all the petticoat avoidances lately are accessories for a new dress for Offspring the Elder. It's in final stages now.

    3. Good to know! I hope it will actually look like a blouse and vest, but we'll see. This dress is actually reminding me more of a late bustle dress with the tailored look to it. Looks like it needs more girly stuff on it!

      You seem to be awfully productive when you're avoiding stuff...not that I blame you with that monster of a petticoat. So are both of your daughters coming this year?